A Karen Heart Foundation established an Adult Day Care Center in response to the needs of disabled adults and their caregivers. The program is designed to provide care to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities enabling them to work on and improve skills outside of their family home setting. We are dedicated to facilitating optimum independence, while valuing human dignity and seeking to enhance the quality of life for all involved. A Karen Heart Foundation promises to offer a pleasant environment.

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Mariel Melendez

Out of all the things that I love, I genuinely can say that one of the things that I love most is spending time with all of my special friends. I consider them my extended family and the ones who add true meaning to my life.

Ever since I could remember, I’ve had a vision of one day opening up a day program where I could provide individuals with the love and care that they deserve. Many times, individuals with special needs are denied acceptance due to lack of exposure; this is something that I hope to change through innovative interaction with our community.

Although my degree is in Special Education, I feel that I can achieve my goal of making positive and meaningful differences in more lives by being part of an organization where bureaucracy is not an option. My position as director has not come easy, but rather so worth it. I strive to continue to spread love, bring happiness, while providing care and making A Karen Heart Foundation the centerpiece for the endless opportunities for all involved.